Masonry Services for the Exterior of Your Building

There's nothing more durable or breathtaking than the beauty of natural stone or hand-laid brick. From patios and walkways to stone walls and chimneys, we can make your home, business or landscaping project stand out from the crowd with custom exterior stone and brickwork. Natural stones, brick, and veneers increase the value of your buildings while eliminating much of the typical maintenance of a building with paint and siding.

Restoration Services You Can Trust

Our stone restoration services include repointing old concrete joints between courses of brick, replacement of damaged bricks and in some cases complete tear-down and reconstruction of the brickwork. Stone restoration includes tearing down the stonework, mapping and numbering each individual stone, replacing damaged stones, and then rebuilding the stonework back to its original stone. Don’t trust just anyone to keep your buildings history…call our team of professionals to put our years of experience to work for you!