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Maine Masonry, Concrete & Stone Restoration Services

L.E. Norwood & Sons offers masonry services for both interior and exterior applications including concrete foundations, slabs and walkways. We also specialize in brick and stone restoration and offer Mar-Flex waterproofing. It is our mission to meet and satisfy our customers' highest expectations of quality and integrity and to earn their trust through our years of experience. We take pride in our workmanship and commitment to excellence.

Our Services Include:

  • Interior & Exterior Masonry
    Restoration Services
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Concrete, Stone & Brick Walkways
  • Brick & Stone Chimneys
  • Brick & Stone Fireplaces
  • Mar-Flex Waterproofing
  • Crane Services
  • Tile work and More!

Our crane is a 14 ton rear mount spider crane truck with a remote control boom. It has the capability to reach 100 feet and is ideal to set trusses, erect steel beams, and move boulders.

"The humble stonemason, with his common tools: the chisel, the hammer, the square, the plumb line, and the compasses, were all he needed to create and build the magnificent edifices which have stood for centuries; and are admired by people to this day."

- Anthony Harper, A Brief History of Freemasonry

L.E. Norwood & Sons was founded in 1947 by Lloyd E. Norwood. Lloyd was eventually joined by his sons Harvey and Robert, who ran the company for many years. The corporation is now owned and operated by Harvey's sons, Dwayne and Dan Norwood along with their partner Bill DeLaittre who has worked for the company for over twenty five years. Dwayne and Dan are the family's third generation to run the company and now the Norwood and DeLaittre families are introducing fourth generation family members to the business!

We service an area within a 100 mile radius of Bar Harbor, including Ellsworth, Bangor, Bucksport and Machias.